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Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing publishes research on new ideas concerning business-to-business marketing, that is, how one company or organization markets its goods/services/ideas to another company or organization.


Call for Papers – Special Issue

Submission deadline:
JUNE 30, 2022

Special Issue:
“Reconceptualizing Marketing in Today’s Global Environment”

Lucy M. Matthews,Middle Tennessee State University,
Diane R. Edmondson, Middle Tennessee State University,
Ryan L. Matthews,Tennessee Tech University,


The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing is pleased to announce and invite submissions for a Special Issue on  “Reconceptualizing Marketing in Today’s Global Environment” which is associated with the 2022 Society for Marketing Advances conference being held in Charlotte, NC. The conference submission deadline is June 30, 2022. After the conference, manuscripts will need to be submitted to the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing online platform for a double-blind review between December 1, 2022 and January 15, 2023. Conference submission is a requirement for this special issue.

Special Issue Background Information:

The aim of this special issue is to identify and understand how the changing global environment has impacted the role of marketing in a business and industrial setting (e.g., Anderson, Rainie & Vogels, 2021; Hall, 2020). Over the past two decades, the world has experienced a vast number of innovations, disruptions, and modifications (e.g., Cantù, Corsaro & Tunisini, 2015; Hani & Dagnino, 2020; Moore, 2019). These changes have transformed the role of marketing in business and industrial markets. The ways in which organizations communicate with current and prospective customers has shifted due to the advancement in technology, globalization, and altered household dynamics. As a result, marketers need to examine the role these factors play in order to stay relevant and be successful in future endeavors. This special issue invites both theoretical and empirical papers using qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies. Special attention to practitioner issues and managerial implications are important in order to reach both practitioner and academic audiences.

This special issue poses a combination of change possibilities, suggesting the following research questions:

  • What are the key drivers or factors that led to the changes in the role of marketing for organizations? 

  • What theories can be used, developed, or modified to help organizations understand the current marketplace?

  • How can research on these issues help organizations stay relevant in today’s marketplace?

  • How has the usage of marketing technology automation (e.g., artificial intelligence, chatbots, use of digital media platforms, etc.) improved organizations (e.g., productivity, customer engagement/experience, brand image, efficiency)? What negative aspects of marketing technology automation have organizations experienced?

  • How have business and industrial organizations been impacted on a global scale as a result of technology and other societal advancements?

  • What are the impacts of the supply chain disruptions to business and industrial organizations? How have these disruptions (e.g., shutdowns, out-of-stocks, workforce shortages) modified the buying and supply chain process? How has consumerism played a role in this disruption? What are the implications of these disruptions on sustainability?

  • How has the changes in household dynamics (e.g., remote workforce, scope and structure of family, etc.) impacted business and industrial organizations? 

  • How have the modifications to the workforce positively or negatively impacted organizations (e.g., employee engagement, burnout, commitment, turnover, pay equality, work-family conflict, satisfaction, accommodations/resources, etc.)?

  • What opportunities will emerge for business and industrial organizations in the future?   

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