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The Society for Marketing Advances is deeply honored to acknowledge those who have provided Distinguished Service to our field. Their selfless dedication and enduring impact have not only enhanced our community but have also set a gold standard for commitment and excellence. Explore the remarkable individuals who've devoted themselves to advancing the world of marketing.



The Society for Marketing Advances (SMA) in 2018 established the Rusty Brooks Distinguished Service Award.  The intent of this award is to recognize a very limited number of SMA members who have shown uncommon service to the Society for Marketing Advances during their membership.  This award may be given to SMA members who have, based on recommendations from the previous award winners’ nominating committee, shown meritorious service to the Society as affirmed by the SMA BOG.  This year’s nominating committee consists of the one prior year Rusty Brooks Distinguished Service Award winner and two BoG members:

All members of the SMA who have provided exemplary long-term service to SMA are eligible to be nominated for consideration for the Rusty Brooks Distinguished Service Award.  The nominated member must have been a member of SMA for at least ten-years.  Examples of service include, but are not limited to, serving as an officer in SMA, conference chair or co-chair, member of the BOG, or other substantive service over time to SMA as recognized by the BOG.  Current SMA Officers are not eligible for consideration for the Rusty Brooks Distinguished Service Award during their term of office.

Service: This shall consist of individuals who have taken on multiple high-level service responsibilities within the organization over a period exceeding 10 years. The list of possible endeavors would consist of, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. holding multiple offices on the Executive Committee

  2. serving on the Board of Governors

  3. serving as a session or track chair

  4. chairing the doctoral consortium or serving on the doctoral consortium faculty

  5. Serving as Journal Editor of one of SMA’s journals​

​​To be considered by the Nominating Committee for Distinguished Fellow designation for the current year’s cycle, nominations must be received no later than Sunday, September 1, 2024. Self-nominations are not accepted.

To be considered, the nomination must include, at a minimum:

  1. Name, position, affiliation, and contact information of nominee and nominator.

  2. A description of the nominee's service to the SMA.

  3. A description of the nominee's scholarly activities and contributions.

  4. A nominee's full current CV.

Important: Any selected SMA Distinguished Fellow must attend the upcoming 2024 SMA conference to be recognized by the Society for their accomplishment.


Please send nominations by email by Sunday, 9/1/2024, to Joe Hair , Chris Hopkins, and Diane Edmondson.

We name this Award for John R. (Rusty) Brooks, Jr. of Houston Baptist University (HBU) because his career perfectly captures our definition of exemplary service. Rusty served as Executive Secretary (now called Executive Director) for at least 17 consecutive years (1984 – 2001), as President-Elect (2002 – 2003) – which includes chairing the annual SMA conference, and as President of SMA (2003 – 2004), and on the Board of Governors continuously at least since 2014; his current term extends to 2019. Collectively, this totals at least 25 years of hard-working service for SMA at an executive level. Additionally, Rusty arranged for a room at HBU that is dedicated to preserving SMA’s historical records. Further, several years ago, Rusty persuaded our Society to become a 501(c)(3) organization that is exempt from federal taxes, that enables those so willing to make tax deductible contributions to SMA. All of this has been done without remuneration from SMA; indeed, without any expectation of remuneration, recognition, or reward.

Given Rusty’s selfless – and truly stellar – contributions, the Board of Governors is pleased to announce that the Distinguished Service Award is to be named, now and in perpetuity, the Rusty Brooks SMA Distinguished Service Award. This Award grants to its recipients the same rights and privileges that SMA Distinguished Fellows receive.


The Society for Marketing Advances has recognized these distinguished individuals for their service excellence and contributions to the Society and to the marketing discipline:

  • 2023 - Charlene Davis, Trinity University, and Bill Moncrief, Texas Christian University

  • 2022 - Greg W. Marshall, Rollins College
    2021 - William (Bill) Kehoe, University of Virginia

  • 2020 - Linda Swayne, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

  • 2019 - Alvin J. Williams, University of South Alabama

  • 2018 - John R. (Rusty) Brooks, Jr., Houston Baptist University


Meet the Distinguished Society for Marketing Advances: our SMA Distinguished Fellows, Taylor & Francis/Routledge SMA Scholars, and dedicated Rusty Brooks Distinguished Service award winners, each impacting Marketing.





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